Complex Edge

Hello Forum,

Having trouble recreating a converging edge similair to the one in streamliner attached. When I use a straight edge , it seems to work to an extent, but it looks very awkward. However, when i attempt to use a slight curve, like the utilised in the streamliner car, the sides of the geometry give unwanted results.

Am i approaching it wrongly? How would you recreate the converging edge pictured in the streamliner ?


Hi Elbert - see the attached file - is that what you are after? The marked area has the point arrangement I think maybe you are looking for.
SwoopyEnd.3dm (88.9 KB)


Hi Pascal,

That is exactly what i was looking for, thank you. However, i can’t seem to recreate the geometry you attached. When I extract the construction lines from your model and attempt to use “Network” command i get weird results. Could you tell me how you generated the geometry ?

Hi Elbert - see

That is the basic operation I used, - the surface is simple enough to continue to modify it - just keep that last little bunch of points co-planar with the singularity created with the SetPt operation.