Complex boolean

hi all,
this is a topic that always hurts…
I am trying to make a complex boolean operation in 2d as you see in the image. I have tried many ways and I haven’t had any success. (the only way was with consecutive solid union and Merge faces but it becomes extreeeemely slow)
The purpose is to produce just a 2d design to be used for cnc.
any thoughts? (25.4 KB)

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This is the best I’ve come up with but it’s veeery slow. still nobody??? (24.5 KB)

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Hi Aris,

check the plugin “Clipper Offset” for Rhino / GH. (
Its a lifesaver and incredible fast. but works only with Polylines not Curves ( but it is easy to convert them).
You can also execute the offsets for multiple curves as a command in Rhino! ( love it )
In the attached script, you can see a solution for your problem.

Greetings, (25.2 KB)