Completely uninstall Rhino for Mac

I tried to uninstall Rhino deleting the application and all McNeel folders I found in the libraries, as described in other posts. It seems something is still there, because if I reinstall Rhino, it has the same preferences.

So, a simple list of all files created by Rhino and their path would be helpful.

I guess you also have to delete the preference list (plist) for Rhino for a clean uninstall. It’s in


There is com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist, plus a few others with com.mcneel… I guess you can delete them all.


I use AppCleaner, it does a really good job in unistalling all the related residue left behind. It is worth checking it out.

Here is the link:

btw, its free.


osx may not let you simply delete the .plist… it backs them up now and if you delete one, it might grow back…

if your preferences are staying the same upon trashing the .plist file, try using the reset method outlined here:

Thanks for the advice so far. Actually I´m in the office right now. So I can´t test it. I will do so tomorrow and report back.

Hi everyone.

Actually Rhino works again. Besides the preference files I also deleted the Cache and license files.

Thanks and have a nice weekend.