...completely totally utterly absolutely hopeless

It’s almost exactly two months (within a day) since I first reported the WIP fails to install correctly.
Although it was eventually solved in my case for that particular wip download, later ones fail again, as other people are reporting elsewhere.

This is just completely totally utterly absolutely hopeless.

I have no more time to waste with it.

Over and out


I had that one issue everyone had a couple of weeks ago, but since then it’s been fine.

There are unfortunately a few of us that have the problem still… I have it on one of my 3 machines, the others are fine… Brian is here in Barcelona, so it seems likely he won’t be able to look at it until next week at the earliest…


Yeah, I agree. It’s really frustrating that it isn’t working for everybody.

I’m going to be working on Mitch’s computer to reproduce and fix the problem. I hope this week will provide some improvement.

Until I get this resolved, thanks for your patience.