Complete system of "Tag" and "TagGroup"

Well and that’s a good point which I don’t have an answer for. I really see Tags as a separate thing from User Text. Though I suppose that could still present the same conflict in certain instances.

The way I use it currently is similar to what Japhy is sharing.

Say I have a an algorithmically generated building model complete with doors, windows, walls, everything. Each of these elements gets Tagged inside the the algorithm as Door, Window, etc.

Additionally these elements get default User Text like “Width, Height, etc.” (These values are then user overridable which in turn, feeds back into the algorithm, and updates the model accordingly based on the new input values)

I can then at any point in time create a new simple filtering rule/action written out like “Get all (Location)[Exterior] (Category)[Doors] with a (Width) of [32”] and change the (Hardware) to [Exterior Lockset 001]"


“Get all “same filter as above” and highlight/select in model”

In that example () = Key and = Value in the User Text. However, this requires the algorithms having been designed to support this logic (in my case that is true)

Tags, however, could allow users to more easily assign tags to any object in the model and then create similar rules/actions/script logic based on those results.

The same example written with tags only could read:
"Get all {breps} tagged “Exterior,Door,32"W” and add new tag called “Exterior Lockset 001” or some other action at the end here.

I know you can Select by User Key/Value already and then apply any Rhino command after that which is of course helpful! But I see more power in being able to string together multiple Tags into filtering rules which the new Grasshopper components do very well (In my opinion), I’m just curious if some kind of similar experience could be brought to Rhino in a new UI/UX dialogue

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needs to be fluid and easy and not complicated. Need something for the average Rhino user which is why GH will never be the long term solution IMHO.
If we could just get some sort of more easily organizable visibility control in the vanilla rhino interface it would make a huge difference.
As with all things, we are now adding yet another layer of complexity to an already complex software which maybe doesn’t NEED it really. Perhaps in keeping with its strong CAD routes this is asking too much of our beloved Rhino. IDK, still pondering.

The more we go down this road the more we get into the whole parametric SW/Inventor assembly feature tree debate…

Perhaps we are all best to keep on our toes by finding our own custom solutions to our own super specific niche issues.

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I would love some collaboration to get more robust on this but here’s a basic “Tagging” implementation I’ve started on via User Text.

Sharing in case anyone wants to use or work together to make it better.



Working on a UI for this over here:

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Just stumbled on this thread. I was actually working on something with similar ideas. It basically reads the User Text, and allows you to filter with keys and values, then change their visibility state with buttons.


Then you can also use that information to create what I’ve called here “Saved Sets”, but is essentially a tag, to do things like, separate out systems, or change the visibility of different design options without having to change your layers:

Of course the issue of objects that have multiple tags, and then those tags having different visibility states, is a challenge to handle in a simple UI. Still thinking on that. Certainly ignoring it and only having the buttons is a useful start. Anyway, thought I’d chime in. I’m working of tidying this up and can post an update here, maybe it will help with some of the ideas being kicked around.

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