Complete novice looking for a way to reduce time wasted


I landed myself a job creating inflatables and had to start using Rhino 6 to do it. (It’s my first time using 3D modeling software too)

When I was taught how to do it, I felt that there MUST be a faster way. Everything feels like a work-around.
I’d like to look for alternative methods that could speed-up the process of our work.

A note before-hand

  • In order to cut material with the cutting machine here, I smash (I’ll refer to that as Flatten) the model, DupBorder, delete the surface and then I change the remaining outline to a RED color (because the machine recognizes RED as a cutting line).

After designing an inflatable, I smash the model and then I have to number every piece that has to get stitched or welded to another piece and it takes quite a while to do and it’s easy to make mistakes. My question in regards to this is, how can I number the model on the areas where I want to designate for it to be stitched before I flatten it or even an easier way to deal with numbering after flattening would be extremely helpful.

A more pressing thing for me right now though, is to learn to texture a 3D model/Shape (just basically add a logo in a required location, more like a Decal to be honest), somehow flatten the model’s panels and have it printed. (We use the print-to-file function and save it as PDF for that)

I’m extraordinarily bad at explaining things so if anything’s unclear, please let me know.

Any assistance–no matter the amount, would be greatly appreciated.

I have no experience with inflatables but in This thread @pascal wrote a script which can take care of the automatic numbering.

Thanks a lot! This could really be helpful.

I’ll thoroughly look through it.

You might check out this thread: Coors Light Hot-Air Balloon 2017

Thanks for the plug, though that thread’s not of much specific help.

@ juanedhaggard you’re probably going to need some scripts or maybe a product like ExactFlat to help with the details. You can make it all yourself, but that’s something to tackle once you’re more experienced with Rhino.

I know, but it does illustrate that Rhino can do the kinds of things I think @Juanedhaggard wants to do.

I used the forum search to try to find a thread by a guy whose name I can’t remember who builds paraglider wings. He got into some depth about using Grasshopper for similar stuff. There are some threads about inflatable boats, too but I haven’t found the magic word to make them show up with the forum search.

I believe you mean this guy:

@AlW @JimCarruthers @lando.schumpich @siemen
I’m grateful for your efforts!

The nice thing is that since I’m seeing these topics of people doing similar things, I get to learn how they do it and how I could possibly improve our way of doing it. That’s been more than helpful already.

I’ll use the resources provided to see how I can utilize their information, this is far better than taking a few weeks or months developing my own method which would probably need to be ironed out and all that.


That’s it! “Kitesurfing” or “kites” would have done it.

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