Complete mapping from a surface to another one


I’d like to reproduce an existing footbrigde for a course. The actual footbridge is pierced with lot of holes.

In my attempt to recreate this I drew a simple pattern and then did a mapping wich resulted In simply bending the pattern instead of warping it as I would like to.

Is there anyway I can do that ?

Thank you ! :smiley:

script (19.2 KB)

Maybe this?

And these look a lot more like rectangles on the bridge photo, not circles.

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You need to make an untrimmed surface, there are different ways to do this, here is a simple (and non accurate) one: (36.2 KB)

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Maybe this will provide better result thank you :grinning:
these are indeed rectangles, I just used circle to test if it work great or not :grin:

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Thank you so much !
I knew it has something to do with untrim surface, so I tried Untrim block but it didn’t work :sweat_smile:
I’ll try to get how you did that for the next time !

You need pattern like this; maybe with Kangaroo


This indeed looks like a relaxed mesh with Kangaroo or similar, which was then made thick. Good option, because it will give a shape in force equilibrium.

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I think @seghierkhaled has cracked the method here. :slight_smile:

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Speaking of structure, this remember me of Gaudi hanging chains :smile:.
I didn’t knew about kangaroo i’ll check that !

Thanks for the tips !

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Funny you should say this :smiley: