Complete Definition to Loft Curves, Create Gridshell with Notched Ribs _ fine tuning help?

Good Evening All,

I attach here a complete definition, all working, which lofts between curves, creates gridshell around loft surfaces and divides into ribs with notches at intersection points for assembly.

The issue I have is that the final rib (both u & v direction) stops short of intersecting, and so has no notches.

Does anyone have any idea how to adjust the definition to extend the ribs to intersect?

[SK-01 shows loft and ribs, SK-02 shows final rib short of intersection, SK-03 shows properly formed rib with notches, SK-04 shows rib without notches)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



004_E_180729_Shell-02b_05-hip.3dm (32.0 KB) (42.7 KB)

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