Compiling the 3dmiotoolkit under linux

Hi all,

I wanted to use the 3dmioToolkit under linux, which was a bit of a hassle. Here’s a small writeup on how to get it going under debian (this is tested under the debian testing distribution, but I think this will work for most of the distributions out there.)

I’m by no means an expert in c++. This is the first time I’ve been able to work/hack a c/c++ project into playing nice.


  • Make sure you have monodevelop installed, mono and things to install a reasonable .net environment.
  • Make sure you have basic compile tools available. (make, g++, automake, etc).

For debian installing the basic compile tools will be this (possibly some packages missing)
apt-get install mono-complete monodevelop
apt-get install build-essential

Clone the patched rhinocommon git repository

git clone

Check out the rhino3dmio-linux branch

git checkout rhino3dmio-linux

And download the opennurbs sources from here and unzip the file in the rhinocommon/c/opennurbs folder.

These changes made it compile and play nice with mono under linux
See the this commit on github

To build the native library
run the make command in c/ folder of the repository. The resulting library will be in c/build/Release-linux/

Alternatively, the method used for the other platforms also works for linux now
./ -p linux

To build the .net library

  • Open monodevelop and compile the Rhino3dmIO project, by hitting F7. (You may need to select the correct framework first)

Do a test

  • Build the example_read project from monodevelop. There can be a post-build error, that the native library cannot be found. This is not a problem.
  • Copy c/build/Release-linux/ to examples/rhino3dmio/example_read/bin/Debug/AnyCPU/
  • Run the test with mono example_read.exe -out:test.txt AirCleaner.3dm. test.txt should now contain a dump of AirCleaner.3dm.

I’ve not yet created a pull request, is anyone at the opennurbs team interested in including this in the rhino3dmio-toolkit?

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Hi Arend,

Thanks for providing this information.

@stevebaer, is any of this information of interest to you?

– Dale

sure, if you make a pull request we will review it and see if there are any changes that we think would need to be made.


Sure, pull request is made.