Compiled plug-in crashes Rhino 6

Our associates in India just updated to Rhino 6, and when they attempt to run my plug-in (compiled Python scripts) it crashes Rhino immediately. They are running an English version on Windows 7.

I remoted in, and I noticed that they don’t have a Localization folder in their appdata/roaming… folder. Is that correct? I don’t know if that’s a factor in the crash, but I thought it was worth asking since all of our installs
in North America have this folder.

Any other suggestions as to why it crashes? I also noticed that there was no window prompting to send in a report. Otherwise, I would have done that.



I have here a win7pro sp1 with a 6.2 (eng) installation, the Localization folder does exist. Perhaps you can try repairing the installation on one machine and see if after the repair the Localization folder gets created upon first äRhino start?

If that doesn’t work I think you’ll have to poke @brian a bit about the install process and realization of that Localization folder.

Hi Dan - it shouldn’t crash, but you never know… you’ll want to be sure you’re compiling on the same or previous version as the recipient of the RhinoCommon.dll.


I will have them check to make sure they are at 6.2. It’s possible that they are behind.

I will be out of the office this week, but I’ll check back with them next week to see if this solved it.



Edit: They are running 6.2.