Compatibility Grasshopper's plug-ins Rhino 6.0?

(David González) #1

Hi everyone,

I’ve the opportunity to buy the license of Rhino, the distributor offers me 5.0 version or 6.0 version. I need Rhino to use Grasshopper and some of its plug-ins, like “Millipede”, “Anemone”, “Galapagos”…

Is there any problem of compatibility between some of the most popular plug-ins of Grasshopper and Rhino 6.0?


(Laurent Delrieu) #2

As far as I know
Galapagos is from David Rutten and work as it is included in Vanilla Rhino 6 Grasshopper 1.0
Kangaroo is also included
Millipede works for me, I didn’t have to reinstall it.
Anemone works fine