Compatability of Nvidia GTX970 with Rhino V5, seeing screen freeze ups

V5 5.11.50226 SR11
MSI GTX970 Gaming Twin Frozr V 4Gb (Maxwell) driver 9.18.13 4448 16 Oct 2014
new PC Intel core i7 4790 3.6Ghz with 32Gb ram (currently 16Gb), win 7 64bit pro.

I am experiencing occasional screen freeze, in at least two separate projects/models, either total or partial.

e.g in -_Rebuild command I was unable to select the sample curve, I needed to get at the standard arrow to resolve it, if I am with the standard arrow selector I can unstick things by clicking on screen then I am able to move around the entire stage.

Sometimes I come to move the stage and only part of screen responds, this can be e.g half the view window or a smaller area , the boundary is invisible but you see grid and model moving about within whilst all around is still.

Has anyone else experienced anything of this nature with this video card, and is it the video card, or Rhino ? Has it happened to others with different video cards ?

Holomark2 result in Oct 2014

and result today (same Holomark2 file from Oct2014 as server error on its download site)

I am currently with 16Gb RAM though that shouldnt see this happen. The same model on my win xp 32bit laptop sees no issues like this, though its vid card is 0.5Gb and system ram is 2Gb, I get small parts not refreshing until I jiggle the move a bit or move my cursor and its info panel about or over the ‘polluted’ part. I am blaming that on the spec.


Hi Steve,

I’m also using a MSI GTX 970 4GB with an i7-5960X clocked at 4.2GHz with 16GB RAM but haven’t had any problems.

I had an awful problem with coil whine from a different card so had it swapped soon after I had the machine built but so far it’s been running Rhino very well, I don’t have any issues that aren’t user error.

Try running MSconfig and removing all the NVIDA and MSI crap from startup and services (if you don’t need them) personally I don’t play games very often and wouldn’t use all the bits and bobs that these things were updating weekly.

Might help you out?


P.S. Keep an eye on the temperature of the card and the machine too to see if it’s that. I’m running a H100i twin fan water cooled heatsink so it’s pretty cool but if I’m rendering and I have the door closed at the front of the case it makes a difference.

Hi 2DCube,
I have the card also for a flight sim, after years of waiting to be with a PC spec capable of flying it, I haven’t consciously installed stuff for that card to run it, I just went with the driver that worked last year,. Not wishing to undo anything I might need in that dept though.
My card had the known issue of one fan stopping and the other running flat out, so it was replaced and I currently am with what works, driver wise. The whine is another known issue with them, hope I steer clear of that.

Maybe I shall back up the PC then try for the latest driver…

Has McNeel tested V5 with this game changing video card as it was called in the reviews, it certainly sets a new standard.


I do have the odd blast on EVE Online, the bits that run in the background aren’t the drivers but all the trimmings for gamers, so options for live video streaming etc. I can still go into all the settings within the game and turn everything up to 11. It’s a great card, I’m just not one for things running in the background if not needed, there was another reason why I turned it all off but I forget.

The chap at Scan computers said that coil whine depends on the luck of the draw, I opted for a card that wasn’t clocked quite so viciously.

There’s a long long thread about what card and what driver, it seems that manufacturers throttle the lower spec cards so they don’t perform as well as Quadros etc but that’s for another thread. I’m supper happy with my card, most of the things I make are complex but more like products with detail, not architectural stuff.

When you get a set up that works don’t fall into the trap of upgrading drivers unless you have to from what i can gather it’s put luck.

Good luck


I shall get my engineer to take a look at unnecessary stuff when he calls, but I shall do an Acronis backup just before, and certainly before experimenting with any newer drivers. If I knew McNeel had given input to Nvidia and a newer driver fixed glitches, then I would be confident and go get it, though unless users feedback with issues they will not have need to do so.

Is there a tested video card section anymore, there used to be. Now we are the guinea pigs maybe.

Who do we contact if we have a problem ?

Anyone else with a GTX970 care to report on if things are all ok ?

If there are just two of us, then I am maybe stuck with this problem on what was a recent new build Rhino PC.

Last PC had a basic cursor crosshair issue in V4, affecting everything I did, (I posted thread on it) cursor cross was not where things ‘happened’, V5 solved it and put it dead centre of the larger cross, yet for the 5 yr duration of my 9800 I was stuck with this, and yet ok on laptop. If one is with a card others are not using you are stuck with the problem as its not enough to warrant comms between McNeel and Nvidia and see fixes made. In this case it was fixable at the McNeel end.

I pray I am not with this freeze up , 5 yrs of crosshair and now this on what is an awesome card. Do we have a video comms dept ?


I’ve had mine (a non-OC 4GB Gigabyte GTX 970 G1) for half a year now, and I’ve nothing to complain about so far. I’m currently running Rhino 5 SR11 on a Windows 8.1 Pro rig (i7-4790K@4GHz, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA 350.12 driver), if that helps.

Ah, a fellow capsuleer! \o/

what drivers are you guys using ?.

here is what I have happened 4 times in 5 hours.


I’m on 350.12 (aka, which I believe is the latest version available at the moment.

This kind of partial freeze I see at my Rhino screen from time to time too (GTX 780) since months. I try to use the latest driver most.

Hmm, have a 780 here at home and haven’t seen that. Also latest drivers. --Mitch

Just out of curiosity is that fracture the same layout as your 4x window view?


No, I have all 4 windows even sized as default.
They can occur, and did, several in one day at all sorts of locations and sizes.


I have something very similar that has been happening on my MBPretina Rhino V5 updated regularly, nvidia 650Mw/1gig running bootcamp win7pro64bit. I think the problem has come and gone a few times over the entire 3 years I have had the machine, I have atributed it to the nvidia drivers, though I did mention it on the boards here a few years ago to no avail. Never bothersome enough to get really pissed over, a small corner on the top left remains active while the rest of the window freezes up very similarly to what you described, same frequency, have to click or escape out of the command to get the window back to normal. Haven’t seen it occur out of shaded mode since that’s where I work, and doesn’t seem to happen on my 2009 MBP running V5 on XP w/Nvidea 8600M.

Nvidia drivers is my gut feeling , I will update mine and see if it goes, though unless they have had feedback from McNeel, they wont have fixed it I would guess, unless it also showed itself in gaming and other progs with movement.
I went all day without it happening, and another day same file every 20 mins or so it seemed.

Real pain when it keeps doing it, clicking screen wakes it up but loses selection !

Anyone else with the GTX970, without problems, or with, please make yourselves know.


Has McNeel tested the GTX970 MSI card ?

What drivers are given the ok ?

For what is the card of the moment, this is not happening for me in Rhino. Its superb in other progs. and flight sims.

This part frozen screen is happening time and time again, have to keep clicking screen and of course I lose my selections. Also that is not always working now to unstick it, not without a struggle.

Putting up with such is no way forward, I am scrolling into my scene and nothing happening, then I see a small portion top left moving and my part is frozen.

Not managed to test latest driver yet as that involves backing up PC and making test shots of a flight sim to compare before and after effect . Too busy at the mo.


I don’t know of anyone in McNeel that has this exact card and one from MSI. In reading the other comments on this thread it seems like other users with the same card aren’t seeing this which would make me investigate possible hardware issues in your machine. Here are some things I’d try… Make sure the GPU is seated on the mother board, Try a different PCIx16 slot, Make sure there is a sufficient PSU for all components running at full load, Try alternate connections from the PSU. Of course do all of this with the computer completely off and unplugged.

I have used a variety of the cards in the GTX line so I don’t think there’s anything that shouldn’t work well here with Rhino given your system specs.

I will try for a driver update first,

I would wish though that McNeel could test this main player of a card, talk of the town item.

As for a different slot for it, they only go into one place, first slot below processor. being double slot thick, in fact it also wipes out next slot I need for a usb or firewire card.

PSU was calculated enough for all components but will do a recheck.

We are struggling with spare connectors, psu has enough but just. I seem to recall it takes the special graphics power lead from the PSU, I might be wrong on this, need to explore the leads, if it does, I dont know if there is a second one available, I shall run this past the engineer.

The thing is, it runs the VERY INTENSIVE flight sim, with everything maxed out, a notorious sim for glitches unless all is well, and also see my results from holomark2.

it shouldnt see screen freeze ups.

This is a purpose built tower intended to run Rhino no probs, spec given to two companies, the only thing that differs is the last minute decision to get this new milestone of a graphics card. Given that the previous purpose built tower had issues with the ATI card that was supposedly ideal for Rhino so the company said, as they were using those for all their purpose built rhino PCs. All sorts of screen lag in Rhino and in Photoshop. I had them rip it out and put an Nvidia 9800GTX in, then all was well.


Hi Steve,
Here are test results for my Cyberpower PC. I have experienced no problems with R5 and the GTX970.