Common Variable Radius Blend fails in latest Service release

A variable radius blend (.05mm select all edges) I always use on this type of job fails in service release 6.26.20147.6511. Works fine in Rhino 5. Thank you for looking into this.for Forum.3dm (9.6 MB)

Hello - I see this, thanks.
So - it appears to work but mysteriously adds extra surfaces to the file that are not part of anything and are messing up the shaded view - if you select all the surfaces and polysurfaces highlighted here-


and delete them, I think you’ll get the right result.

It appears to be fixed in V7/WIP.


Only I get naked edges and then one of rings is labeled a “bad object” when I repair those naked edges, when doing what you say. I’ve gone back to using “service release” in order to avoid exactly this. Problems that worked in Rhino 5 and 6 in the past. It’s a matter of not slowing the process unnecessarily. I’m not a developer and can only imagine how fixing something can break something else. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next service release. Guess I’ll try working in V7/WIP on a regular basis for now

I just did another job like this in Rhino 6 and it Blended just fine. Must have been my model? Sorry about that