Commercial version of Rhino - Advice for installation

I am about to purchase and install the commercial version of Rhino for Mac.
So far, on my iMac I have installed and used following versions:

  • a number of WIP versions, installed under my own email-address and License Key

  • the 90-day RC evaluation version, installed under my wife’s email-address and License Key, as acquired on her MacBook, but without validating this License Key on the iMac.

Is there any advice to be given regarding preparations before installing the commercial version, i.e. plists, License keys etc.? Should I delete/uninstall anything beforehand? I am trying to avoid things like i got when i tried to install a new WIP-version recently under my own email-adress, and a message popped up saying that I should use the same address (i.e. my wife’s)



If you want to re-set or change the licence you are using:

  1. Start Mac Rhino
  2. From the Rhinoceros menu, click Preferences
  3. Click the Licenses icon
  4. Click “Change your license key”
  5. Enter the same license key you got in an email, then click Done

Thank you for replying, but the (potential) issue is not the License Key itself. What disturbed me was the fact that I was trying to use a key registered and validated under my own address, yet I was forced to use a different email address that was never used to validate anything from my iMac (but only to download the evaluation version).
I will not be able to access my iMac and install the commercial version until in about two weeks time, so I am not having an immediate problem right now, but I am asking advice how best to avoid similar occurrences.


The evaluation license key is tied to whatever e-mail address you use to download the Eval.

Sorry Max, I guess I’m still a bit confused from the initial posting…is your primary concern Rhino on the iMac, or also on your wife’s MacBook? I just want to make sure I understand what you want to have happen. I can understand why using two different e-mail addresses would “confuse” this a bit.

Stepping back a bit…
You can uninstall following these directions. You likely already know that. However, the preferences are not tied to the license, so you can copy them off somewhere else. When it comes to adding the commercial license, if you have any problems validating that - problems that might have been caused by being such an active participant in the pre-release WIP - let’s address them when/if you see them.

Hi Dan,

My prime concern is to install Rhino commercial on the iMac, with a license key tied to my email address. Reading your reply, this will happen automatically when I download the Rhino Commercial version using my address as reference, on the iMac.

What confused me a bit in the past was this: I assumed that the evaluation version and the WIP version were leading separate lives, but it seems that downloading the evaluation version with my wife’s address as reference interfered when a tried to download a new WIP again with my own address and license key as before. This is when I got the message that I should not try to use two different email addresses.


Hi again,

@dan Today I have purchased my commercial license, and after deinstalling everything Rhino as per the instructions, installation went without a hitch. No more confusion on email addresses :smile:

However (there is always one…):

This did not work as you described it. I kept a copy file of the plist, and after installation transferred it to the ~/Library/Preferences/ directory, overwriting the default list. I made sure that this was successful by checking my revised Aliases with a text editor.
Unfortunately, opening Rhino seems to overwrite it again with the default plist, and it insists on doing that, even after a full restart of my iMac in the meantime.
What am I doing wrong?


Edit: I found the answer in McNeel Wiki, everything is fine now. :smile:

Sorry, I over-simplified things. It used to be that easy…but OS X made things a bit more tricky in Yosemite. I’m glad things are working…at least for the moment… :wink: