Comments / wish list after working with complex organic surface

This has been my first real experience working with a complex shape in terms of point count, matching edges, etc. Learning experience for me.

Due to nature of the shapes and getting the result I want the surfaces are degree 5 and the control points are kindof all over the place, fighting each other in pull direction.

It is really challenging to identify which points to manipulate in order to adjust the surface at a given position. Actually it’s a total nightmare. I’ve resorted to making a duplicate surface which I then trim down and shrink to the area I want to adjust, then create whatever geometry (small sphere) in the model to identify where the points are that are affecting that area, then return to original surface and use the spheres to identify which points to manipulate.

What I am looking for is a “focus mode” …a way to specify on the surface UV where the focus is, then fade out all the irrelevant points. Use their weight in terms of how much a given point is affecting the topology at the focus point to determine visibility. I.e. if a point is only having 10% effect on the focus spot, show it as 10% visible. Irrelevant points are culled completely.

Does something like this exist?

Also I’m finding the esc to hide points an absolutely infuriating and unnecessary “feature”. Is there a way to lock points on? Iike LockPointsOn command and then requiring PointsOff to hide them.

Here’s what I came up with in GH. Seems way easier to understand what is happening.

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