Commands wish list for Mac version

Among the many missing commands I would love to see my highest is ApplyShutLining for creating panel lines on models. I’ve done a little research into this and found nothing that specifies plans for this to be added or what is comparable. so I have two questions?

1 When might we see this command feature added to the Mac version?
2 Is there a command or process that can mirror the “ApplyShutLining” functionality for Mac?


Best guess is V6.

John Brock is correct: shutlining - and some of the other custom render mesh modifiers (RH-36752) - will not be added to Rhino 5 for Mac, but will have to wait for Rhino 6 for Mac. I wish I could give a more positive answer.

When might we see the beginning of development on 6 for mac. I’ve studied and there a lot of missing essential features from the Mac version to really make good use of it. I really need to see the plugin architecture expanded to include availability for TSplines and other modeling tools and material mapping before I can justify buying it for my mac team. I love where it’s headed but it’s still got a good bunch of essentials missing for us anyway. Keep up the great work. I know it will be a great product.

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just a heads up regarding t-splines plugin… it’s not coming to Rhino for Mac nor is it going to work with Rhino v6 (windows) and beyond: