Is there a way of listening to the events when command prompt or command history window text is being updated? I need to push that info into my plug in for user to see.

eg: RhinoApp.ComandPrompt.OnChangeEvent += new EventHandler…

What kind of info do you want people to put in the CommandPrompt? If I read right it isnt a command? But why would you like to let the use type stuff in the commandbar?

My plugin is comunicating with the remote Rhino application so user only can see the interface that is produced by my plugin (the user does not see Rhino application). For example, when I execute Save from my plugin on 3ds file, Rhino app asks in a command prompt the following:

Choose meshing option ( DetailedOptions PolygonDensity=50 ):

which I want show to the user so the user knows that he has to provide input.

If my plugin could intercept changes on command prompt I could easily sync plugin prompt with the rhino application prompt.

Why not get RhinoApp.CommandPrompt when something changes in your interface? Because the remote Rhino wont do anything untill something happens in your application. Or am I thinking too easy :slight_smile:

NVM just thinking that you need the options itself. Not the history…

No there is not. I do understand what you are looking to do. But I don’t see anyway of “getting there from here.”