Commandline Output Mac-Windows

if I enter into the commandline on Mac and Windows
_box 0 20 20 20

the output in mac is
Command: Box

the windows output is

Command: Box
First corner of base ( Diagonal  3Point  Vertical  Center ): 0
Other corner of base or length ( 3Point ): 20
Width. Press Enter to use length: 20
Height. Press Enter to use width: 20
Creating meshes... Press Esc to cancel

why ?

I really appreciate that finally the windows and mac interface get quite close.

but this is something that I never understood.

and teaching a lot and doing video tutorials - it s much easier for students to follow if the commandline has all infos.
and also for macro-development it is nice (combined with stepwise copying stuff to the macroeditor)

please adapt the commandline - output / history from the mac to be the same as the pc.
thanks -tom


Hi Tom -

As we did major work on the interface in Rhino 8 for both Windows and macOS, we saw that this particular part of the UI on macOS will take significant additional resources to modify. This project is moved to Rhino 9 for further investigation.


but thanks for your fast answer