CommandHistory size


Is there a setting to increase the size of the CommandHistory result (basically the number of lines displayed in the console)?
It seems it only supports a fixed amount number of lines.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jeff - I think that is 500 or so lines - I doubt it has been changed since pre-historic times - can you describe what more lines would get you and now many you’d like?


Hi @pascal,

I was importing some IFC file using the ggRhinoIFC plugin. The plugin prints various warning or error messages on the console during the import. As this model was pretty huge, there were a lot of warning messages, but I could not see the entire list of it - the first ones were trimmed.

It is not a big deal in the end, but I was quite surprised that the number of lines cannot be defined by the user. In the Advanced Options panel for instance.

Hi Jeff - thanks for the details - setting that is probably possible, I would guess, it just has not, that I can recall, come up before. I’ll put it on the pile.
RH-70175 CommandHistory: more lines