Command Wish:

One really handy command I just found using Allplan is by double clicking an object, it get’s all the properties of that object and creates a new one of that kind. So for example I want to create a new hatch with the same properties of an existing hatch, I double click on that hatch and I will create a new one on that specific layer.

Click; Ctrl+C; Ctrl+V does it - or am I missing something here?

I would be hesitant to assign double click to duplicate an object; many times I get users with errors that ultimately boil down to duplicate objects being present in the document. Inadvertently creating a duplicate when a user double-clicks will only create more problems.

Definitely… Double clicking to get object properties or something similar has been asked for/discussed in the past, but having it automatically create a copy this way would not be a good idea IMO. As far as object properties go, if you have the Properties panel open you have them available whenever you click on an object anyway.


No-no, I didn’t say anything about duplicating that object. But that the command “Hatch” is already on when you double-click on any hatch. If you double click on a curve the command “Curve” should be triggered, and it gets all that properties coming from the curve you double-clicked. is that more understandable?

Ah, ok, my bad; I misunderstood.

do you think it will be possible to change the rotation view axe… in rhino, the view rotate always around z axe, but some times the element i have to work on, is not in a good position, some times it would be better that the view rotate around y or x axe… so i must rotate the element around (0,0,0) to make work easier, but i lost the referal position of th element…

This might want to go in its own thread (ah, I see Pascal did that), but for situations like this, I like setting a cplane to the object, then in Rhino Options -> View set Rotate to Rotate around CPlane Z-Axis.