I set a event dou Undo:

Command.UndoRedo += OnUndoRedo;

This event is being triggered in others command, a simple lock and unlock layer make this event trigger.

this is supposed to happen?


Yes, even modeless UI can trigger undo/redo events.

– Dale

Thank you @dale

There is any away to filter the trigger?

Hi @MatrixRatrix,

Other than unsubscribing from the event, no, there is no way to filter on what you get and what you don’t.

Why are you subscribing to this event? What problem does it help you solve?

– Dale


I have a custom command that, create a new layer import a picture frame inside this layer and finally lock the layer.

I have other command that, unlock this layer make some modification on picture frame and lock the layer again.

The problem is I make undo on this last command, the result shold undo all picture modifications and keep layer locked as after command, for some reason the layer stay unlock.

I try solve this by add some code on undo event to lock this layer after all undo.