Command to set isocurve density?

or is this only available through the properties dialog?

This should work:

_-Properties _Pause _Object _IsocurveDensity 5 !

(substitute whatever number you want for density, -1 is the equivalent to off, or use:

_-Properties _Pause _Object _ShowIsoCurves _No (or yes, unfortunately no toggle as far as I know.)


Thanks Mitch. No worries. I’m more interested in turning them off inside other macros with commands that tend to turn them on even if off previously.

Normally that shouldn’t happen if your general setting for isocurves when creating new objects set to off… It will happen however if you do things like Boolean operations on objects where one has isocurves on and others don’t, if the one with the isocurves on happens to be the first on the list…


Yes that’s basically what I’m talking about. I prefer them to be on by default. This is working well now.

Mitch how would I select the output of the previous command? For example if I wanted to do a mergeallfaces automatically after a booleanunion?

None SelLast
That will make sure that only the result of the previous command is selected.

Hi Ryan - SelLast should get the results.


Is there a way to change the current layer (by name) with a command?

I’d like clipping planes to always end up on their own layer.

I can’t figure out how to do it where you make the plane first then it automatically moves.

If I could reactivate the layer I was on previously before making the clip that would be ideal but that’s a bonus.

Hi Ryan -

-Layer Current "Layer Name" Enter


! ClippingPlane Pause Pause Pause SelNone SelLast -ChangeLayer "Clipping Plane Layer"


How would I hide a layer by name? Is there some documentation somewhere on this?

Hi Ryan - see the options on the -Layer (with dash) command.


Oh right got it. I got off track with the Visible= part whatever that is when I just wanted On / Off.

What about flipping clipping planes?

Last one for today.

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‘Flip’ will flip curves, surfaces or clipping planes… --Mitch

When I opened Rhino today all my custom buttons / commands disappeared. Any way to recover that? What did I do wrong?

Hi Ryan - in Options > Toolbars do you see the custom toolbar file listed?



OK, so, from that same page in Options, use the File menu > Open to locate the custom RUI file and open it… any luck?


I don’t think I made an RUI file… not deliberately anyway. Was a long time when I set it up initially. Been adding some buttons more recently though.

Do I need to deliberately save it as I add buttons?