Command to set "Float to top" for all cascading tool buttons

I like to set all the toolbar buttons to “Float to top.” But every time Rhino is updated I need to go through the same exercise.

Is there a command to set all cascading tool button to “Float to top” at once?

Hello - no, no command like that but if you save your toolbar file (under a name different from ‘Default.rui’) it should just stay as is. That said, an update of Rhino should not be replacing Default.rui in the first place. I will test the float on top stickiness, it is not a feature I use at all.


Thanks Pascal.

I’ve never saved the “Default.rui” file, but the changes stick until I apply an update. When restarting Rhino I’d see a dialog saying it was resetting toolbars.

I’ll trying saving the “Default.rui” in Rhino 6. I’ve already done it in Rhino 7, but I don’t believe there are any Rhino 7 updates.