Command to refresh Enscape

Hi all,

( I cannot categorize this topic because it could be either rhinopython or grasshopper…)
I have been trying to create a video with moving objects using Enscape. Now I can use python to create a for loop to move rhino geometry and ask Enscape to automaticaly export image in each loop. But what I missing is the command or the way to ask Enscape refresh as per rhino change. I found that when running a python script, Enscape don’t response to any change made in rhino.

Does any one know what is the command line to ask enscape to update? Or anyone has some other idea to workaround? Say, using grasshopper to move/modify a rhino existing geometry (It has to be rhino geometry because Enscape doesn’t render the geometry within grasshopper preview).


@Jack_Zeng - without a category noboby is going to read this. So I’ve move your post to Scripting (for now). – D

Hi @Jack_Zeng, there is one closely related topic here.


Thanks Dale and clement