Command to fold a 2d net into a 3d shape on rhino?


I have designed a 2D net for a 3d shape, I have managed to print it out and glue it together however when it comes to modelling the shape in 3D on Rhino I struggle to line up the net exactly so it is a closed surface. Is there a command to assist in this process or an easy way I’m too silly to see.

any help is appreciated, cheers

Easiest approach is to first model the 3D shape in Rhino, then unfold the surface to flat using Rotate3D and/or UnrollSrf.

An approach to go from 2D to 3D uses Revolve, Intersect and Rotate3D.

the thing is Im not too sure how to model this shape in 3d to begin with

Hi, This shape is a Truncated Octahedron - you can make life easy by downloading Dale’s Polyhedron plug-in and make that create the model for you.