Command Sorting by Most Used?

I think the command line suggestions could use a serious upgrade in today’s AI world.

Most often than not, the suggestion is not at all what I am looking for at that moment. I often find myself either manually entering commands anew or endlessly navigating the up and down arrows.

Take for instance this example:

My most used commands with ‘mat’ wording are Match and MatchProperties.

Match Properties I use overall more. While Match I used on some days when working with curves. Yesterday was one of those days so now I have Match permanently at the top for who knows how much.

But the main issue besides Match being a specialized command I used on some days alone, is that Match Properties, probably being my MOST used command with ‘mat’ wording is at 6th place. I have never used any of the top recommendations except the first one, Match.

Can we just have a ranking of most used commands and use that instead? At least for the top 5?

Also, UX wise I want to add, auto completing the command while having it be the first option underneath is a waste.

Here I want ViewCaptureToFile, and I need to press down arrow twice to get it. Why do I need to go through ViewCaptureToClipboard if it is already being autocompleted?

Lastly, it would be ideal if we could cycle through the options with TAB. To no move hand away from the mouse (right hand to arrow keys) or across the entire keyboard (left hand to arrow keys).

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Hello- you can try PopUpPopular.



I don’t quite follow, it is a cool command to see my most used commands, but I am trying to avoid using the arrow keys…