Command sidebar vs command dialog responsiveness

When switching to the command dialog option, the visual response of the drawn geometry actually lags a bit behind.
Here is a video showing the difference:

  1. First sequence is with the command options on the sidebar. Here the drawn line immediately
    appears on the screen
  2. Second with the commands options in the dialog. Here it takes some time for the line to appear - I guess the line is “waiting” for the dialog window to transform?
  3. Third shows the second sequence in slow-motion.

This is not a huge issue, but when drawing geometry in a quick manner, this becomes a bit annoying over time. Maybe there is a fix, so that the line is not waiting for the dialog transformation to finish…


@dan, any ideas on how this can be fixed?


Unfortunately, I have no idea how we’d fix this unless we kept the width and height (the bounds) of the command options dialog fixed. (The transitions are macOS “inflating” the dialog to suit the constraints of the strings inside - which may be language dependent).

I’ll have to give this a bit more thought.