Command Prompt Managment in Wallacei

Hi all,

I am currently working on a CFD project with Eddy and Wallacei, and I am having troubles regarding command prompt managements.

In brief, what I need to achieve is that for each Wallacei iteration, I need to:

  1. click the first button for a component which opens a command prompt and run for a few minutes
  2. after the first prompt closes (automatic), click a second button which opens another command prompt that run for about 15s
  3. upon completion of the second prompt, the script should run as usual where Wallacei collects the data and move on to the next iteration, repeating the process above

I am having a hard time controling Wallacei / grasshopper / gh.python to wait for the command prompt before moving on to the next component or even the next iteration. I have tried:

  1. or subprocess.Popen.wait(), but there seems to be an error directly calling Eddy simulation .bat files without going through its components
  2. using the components in the gh python narrative with time.sleep()

I need a way to control the script so what it will wait for the command terminal to close before moving on. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows how to get around the issue!