Command outcome in status

Sometimes the message in the status area (lower left) leaves me uncertain whether a command worked. For example, an unsuccessful Join may leave the message

Creating meshes... Press Esc to cancel

in the status area. The history, however, has

Command:  Join
Surface join in progress... Press Esc to cancel
Unable to join surfaces or polysurfaces.
Creating meshes... Press Esc to cancel

I wish I saw

    Unable to join surfaces or polysurfaces.

as the final status.

PS I’m a brand new user, so not used to the interface.

MacBook Pro, Retina, Mid 2012
OS X 10.8.5 (12F45)
5.0 Wenatchee 2014-02-03 (501)

yeah, i know exactly what you’re talking about and dealing with it was one of the first keyboard shortcuts i assigned… that being shift-H for CommandHistory.

i then keep the command history panel at it’s smallest size in the bottom left corner… if i need to see more info then the last line of history, i’ll toggle the panel on with shift-H.

on my computer with mavericks, there’s a little button in the bottom left which toggles the command history on/off but i don’t think there’s (or know of) a way to assign a keystroke to it yet.

fwiw, i think it’s helpful to keep a command history palette open somewhere at all times while learning the program… (nowadays, the right sidebar seems to be a good place for this)… it just helps as a means to learn what’s happening at all times and to ingrain the command names in order to wean you off the menus and icons…