Command options dialog input value not working on mouse over

Hi, not sure if this is working as intended. When accidently hovering over the Command options dialog with the mouse cursor, you can’t type in any input.

yeah, i notice that too…
i first realized the behavior after a fix was made which allows the delete key to be used…

it wasn’t this time but it happened again later… can’t find to the more recent one.

idk, i thought it might be a one-or-the-other situation and it’s way better to have the delete key working properly :wink:

regardless of all that, yeah, i experience the same thing you’re describing… no keyboard input if the mouse is hovering over the dialog.

Hrmmm. Doesn’t seem to be happening in the Command Options sidebar, just the dialog. Interesting. Thanks for pointing this out. Logged as MR-1268.