Command not recommended to use to fix naked edges

Trying to recall a command that I used
a bit while back thatfixes naked edges
but shouldn’t be used if you need real fix.

Any hints on what I might have used?

JoinEdge is the command you’re looking for.

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Right. The Join command respects the document tolerance setting. JoinEdge ignores the tolerance. It can cause lots of problem down process if you need accurate, well fitting surfaces.
My main use for it is to measure how far out of tolerance the surface edges are, then I cancel the command.

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I use JoinEdge when I need to check a volume or use Hydrostatics and edges are not quite within tolerance.

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Thank you John.
Is it useful if 3D print is needed and a quick fix
is needed? Let’s say just before outputting to stl?
Or is the actual geometry not changed and output will still have naked edges?

Nice! Thank you for the tip.