Command name that gets exported

I’ve been working on a plugin that will be known as CabinetLabels2014. However, the command that shows up on auto completion is CabinetLabels2014Command. In addition to being a mouthful, it causes confusion. Is there a way to create an alias for that command that would be the command line version of my plugin.

For instance, could I shorten “CabinetLabels2014Command” to “Cabtlables” without having to create an alias in Rhino to accomplish this?

Check what is being returned by your command’s EnglishName override. You will probably see this:

public override string EnglishName
  get { return "CabinetLabels2014Command"; }

Just the string…

Sorry, I leaped then looked. I found and modified that as advertised.

Thx, Dale