Command MOVE wish

If I select a fairly complex group or block (objects) and select the MOVE command and then the FROM point, when prompted for the TO point the selected items are attached to the cursor and dragged along making it difficult to see and select the TO point. If when moving having the selected objects not attached to the cursor but rather have the selected objects snap to the TO point would be helpful. If this is already an option please point at the solution.


Hi Rodney - there is no way at the moment, that I know of anyway, to make that happen. It would not be hard to make a script that works that way though - no preview, just pick a target point.

@rsullivan - see if this script works for you. You can run it from RunPythonScript but probably he easiest is to set up an alias in OPtions > Aliases like this:

! _-RunPythonScript “Full path to whereever you save the py file, in double quotes”

then you can just type your alias. (444 Bytes)


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That’s what I"m talking about.
Thank you!

Thank you Pascal, that is partially what I wanted. Anyway it serves to the purpose. Details are not very important.
I have replaced the script on default shortcut “M”.