Command line window always roll to the top instead of bottom after each command

Every time I use right click to execute the same command, the command line window will roll back to the top.
I have to roll down to see the result of a command (say, Area).

Are you using a Wacom tablet or mouse? I can see a scroll icon in the command line area only if I use the middle mouse stylus button to access the recently used commands. This icon appears after the command completes and can cause the command line history to scroll inadvertently. If however I use the right mouse stylus button, this scroll icon does not appear since that action is reserved for middle mouse. My hunch is that you might be using middle mouse to access the recent commands list. Is that it?

​By scroll I mean use the wheel to scroll.
The problem is not on the scroll, but on the command line.​

​I’m not sure what the “scroll icon” mean.​

This is what I meant.

Middle mouse to get the most recent commands list in the command line area was the only way I could reproduce what I think you’re reporting. But if you are right clicking outside of the command line window and not using the middle mouse at all, this probably isn’t the same thing.

So it sounds like you’re using a mouse and not a tablet. Did this just recently start happening with the WIP? Have there been any driver updates for the mouse as well?

I just recently started to use Rhino WIP so not sure if this is a recent

So to better explain:

  1. Run some command, the command line window will show the info.
  2. Right click on any view port to repeat the command, then there is more
  3. The old info will scroll up automatically when the new info is added
    (the height of the window can only contain certain amount of lines.)

So the problem is, the command should always show the newest command and
info, which is the bottom of all commands.
But here whenever do “2”, the command window will show the fist command, or
the top of all commands, instead the opposite.

Is this clear?

Hi xliotx - so far I cannot repeat this- does it sort itself out if you change the depth of the command area?


no. not the depth problem here.

So it seems the bug occurs quite randomly.

If I open different files, the behavior is different.
Some are Rhino 5 file, some Rhino 6 file.
But it is strange that not all 5/6 file behavior the same…Even if I open the same file different time, it behavior different.

Not sure what causes the problem.