Command Line Lag/unresponsiveness bug

Hi guys I’ve recently made the upgrade from rhino V5 to V6 and have began to notice a semi-constant lag with entering commands.
E.g. I’m modelling away and then type ‘E’ and press enter (my alias for extrudesrf), I then see that it hasn’t registered in the command bar as if I have clicked onto another window or unselected rhino (see in second image how top of window fades).

I thought maybe it was a bug on my PC but i’ve now noticed this same issue on 3 separate computers and is starting to slowdown my workflow dramatically. I’ve found it tends to be semi-consistent and happens about once every couple minutes, making me have to reclick on rhino window and retype command.

I know it seems like quite a minor disruptance but is becoming increasingly frustrating for me, is it possible that there is some setting that is making this happen? or has anyone else had this same issue?

any help would be appreciated,