Command Line gets deselected in Rhino 6


I have been using Rhino 6 on my bootcamped Mac for a number of weeks now. Many improvements.

Unfortunately one odd thing is that the command line will get deselected, such that I have to go up and click on it with the mouse to start typing into it again.

Is there some new functionality that I am unaware of? Rhino 5 never did this once that I can remember over years of use.

Please advise.


I believe I have targeted the issue, and it is definitely intermittent. Currently after performing a gumball transform it will not put the cursor back in the command line. This happened 10 times in a row just now. Re-opening the program fixed the issue, so it seems like a bug! FYI.

Hello- so the process is -
an object is selected and Gumball on.
You type a command, it works, then you gumball move the object(s) and then start typing a new command and the typing goes nowhere - is that correct?
(I do not see this here on my bootcamped mac.)