Command Line for Mac

I am new to Rhino . I took a course on Udemy for basic rhino, but the instructor uses windows. In the command line version for Mac unlike in the windows, one cannot edit the parameters once the element is created - is there a way around this ?
Will this make things difficult when working with grasshopper ?

I don’t know what you saw in the course, but in general there is no way to “edit the parameters” of an object already created as you can with a parametric modeler - either in Rhino for Mac or Rhino for Windows. Maybe you can describe better what you saw.

In any case the above will not affect Grasshopper, which is itself a programming system to model things parametrically.

I’m not sure what ‘parameters’ you want to change ? You can alter some basic stuff with BoxEdit command, I have no idea how this works with GrassHopper though :crazy_face:

Welcome @anshumerani,

Do you mean how to change some parameters of a command before it fully executes, like for instance the fillet radius. On macOS, the tool palette changes to accommodate a menu for this, instead of the Windows command line, where you can click on certain text elements to do the same parameter changes. I think how this is done on macOS is in many ways preferable and more modern.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Grasshopper! Besides some shortcuts and missing plugins, Grasshopper for Windows and macOS are exactly the same.
Grasshopper doesn’t execute Rhino commands. It uses the Rhino programming API do its magic.

If you meant something different, maybe post a screenshot of the tutorial, where you noticed the differences!