Command line focus bug


With the command zone set to 3 lines and right hand docked toolbars sharing the space -
working with the Area command in the restricted command zone as shown in the jpg -

The circled options do not respond to a mouse click - it works fine when the toolbars are undocked.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Brian- thanks, I can repeat this, Sometimes at least. Does it ever work correctly in this case for you?



I’m glad you managed to repeat this Pascal. I just tried it again and yes it does work correctly sometimes. It seems to be something to do with the word wrap in the pop-up window, this time only the last 4 options were not responding sometimes and were responding other times. Niggly, I know.

(Margaret Becker) #4

I’ve been complaining about this for quite a while now. Since it is difficult to reproduce consistently, the developer has a hard time pinning it down. We’ll poke at it again.