Command Line Events


(Mconti) #1

Hi All,

Is it possible to catch a Keyboard event during a GetNumber method (or something similar…)?

for example, i want to draw interactively an offset after the keyboard changing of the offset value that i’m writing on the command line…

like the TextChanged event on a textbox, but with the command line…


(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi @mconti,

No, there is no keyboard event, in GetNumber you can subscribe to. However, if your number getting code was in a loop, then after every call to GetNumber you could get the number entered by the user and do something with it.

Perhaps we could use more information on what specifically you are trying to do an why…

– Dale

(Mconti) #3

Thanks @dale,

I solved putting the command in a loop cycle, everytime i need to confirm but works correctly…

Otherwise i can create a custom textbox, but i don’t like, the user used to work with command bar…