Command-line driven design software

One of my favorite aspects of Rhino is the command line, It makes it very easy to discover new functionality, and makes for a much faster workflow. Every time I have to open photoshop i find myself longing for that sweet sweet command-line. Hot keys can obviously do some of the work, but you can only have/remember so many before it becomes impractical. While the high-level command functionality and rhino, gives access to hundreds of functions with a few keystrokes.

Is there any other design software out there with a similar interface? I’d love to see it in a mesh/subD modeler, and in raster and vector image programs.

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The command line was inherited from AutoCAD; that, its clones and Rhino are the only programs I know with a command line interface. --Mitch

People who think that a good GUI and a command line cannot live together should try Rhino 3D.


Command line subD modeller… t-Splines plugin for Rhino is or am I missing something in the question?

t-splines is pretty much dead from what i understand. Autodesk has incorporated the functionality into Fusion, the t-splines plugin hasn’t been updated in several years, and support is virtually non-existant.

May as well put Clayoo in there too.—Mark

yeah, unfortunately clayoo seems to be in the same boat as t-splines. It it feels like kind of a half-baked product, and from what i hear, TDM seems to be putting most of their efforts into RhinoGold.

either way, i appreciate the suggestions, but my question stems more from an interest in other software that may have a similar interface, not plugins for Rhino. It’s out of curiousity, not need.

Clayoo is not really a command line tool IMO unless it has changed dramatically in version 2. You do almost everything in t-splines that I have encountered via the command line.

Clayoo1 on the other hand during the the 2-3 years I used it forces you to use wizards. Wizards that do not even have tab indexing…so you have to click through every parameter.

IIRC In Clayoo 1 the ClayFill command will not even run from the command line unless the Clayoo tab is open.

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On another thread John from Mcneel made an encouraging statement, saying Rhino 's main objective is surface modeling. I sure want that group to succeed. —Mark