Command History (File)

Hi there!!!
I’m writing to this group because I have a question, from teacher to teacher :wink:
I now, at least I knew and now I can’t remember, a way to know if the student just made a copy and paste of a file and change it a little bit before summiting it.
Did I made myself clear?
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If you go to Options / Document Properties you can see when the document has been created and how many revisions it has

but it can be deceiving if you do save as.
Maybe guys from McNeel know some deeply hidden properties.

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Hi @armengoligasull,

If you search the forum for Plagiarism you will find discussions of this problem, including practical ideas of how to address suspicion of it, given the absence of definitive proof within the Rhino file.


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make sure to know your students and track their progress regularly. When the work is unexpectedly good, just ask to demonstrate and explain the process of how it was built. That’s all you can do. If someone really wants to then there is always a way to cheat.

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Ohhh yeahhhh! Thank you soooo much! I was looking for that one! :wink: I’m going to write to McNeel just in case there are hidden properties somewhere else. Thanks for the advice @Piotr

Thanks for the answer @jeremy5 Have a nice week!!