Command history F2

A very small wish:
F2 to close what F2 brought up: The command history.
It can’t harm…

I’ve added it to the list again.
I see several requests over the years (10+) for this and each time it was determined it would break to many other things, but I’ve added it one more time.

Thank you John.
My fantasy is not enough to imagine what could be broken.
Command History is a modal dialog; what happens in this dialog stays in the dialog, like in Vegas…

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Alt+F4 will close the active window, which could be made into an alias

At least on my machine I can press Enter and the Command History window closes. Also after scrolling and marking text and copying.

Not Alt+F4 please…
For some people this is keyboard aerobics.
Also, unfortunately, some newer notebook keyboards require a FN key in order to get the F-keys working.
Alt+FN+F4 is not a big helper…

I know, ESC works as well.
ESC is not far away from F2, so that’s acceptable.
But why not F2?

Perhaps it’s not so much effort to make it possible.

I would love to see command line as a dockable panel, like in Mac version.

It already is, at least to some extent.


To move the command line panel (which includes the previous command line text) position the cursor over the left border of the panel, left click and hold on the left border and drag to the desired new location. If the panel is floating position the cursor over the top border of the panel.

This is the same for repositioning other panels.

CommandHistory now works as a toggle in V8 Mac and V8 Win.
Running the command a second time, or tapping F2 again, closes the window.


RH-66192 is fixed in the latest WIP