Command help

hello @ll,

where can i find information on the commands. for example what the _ andd the - means - and how the copmmands are structured with their options - Thanks

Hi Zunder,

_ (underscore means that you are calling original name of command without translations - that means when u need to do sth on rhino with forein lang you can call _ and command name and it will work),

-(hypen mean that rhino won’t run dialog box for command)

More stuff can be found:

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i was at the basic makro site, but cannot manage to get this working


-SelLayer _Pick (sel Objects based on picked Object Layer)
_Enter (pass the to next command)
_BringToFront (draw order)

any idea ? thanks

I think draw order should be used only when u have issues with z-fighting( i didnt tried that in other cases.

Could you provide screenshot what u’re trying to achieve?


no ss needed - imagine you have two rectangle (same dim same pos) but on different layers , so i think the draw order is arbitary - i want to select objects of a layer and bring the to front with one klick (so itry to do a macro)


Thats weird. It should work. Have in mind SelLayer Pick dont work with preselected objects - u need to pick them during command.

I think it should be like this: -SelLayer _Pick _Pause _BringToFront _Enter

works Thanks !

SelLayer _Pick _Pause _Enter _BringToFront _Enter

i thought this would skipping my manual enter after _Pick ?

another one

It would but not in place where procedure need user input. If u want preselected objects and more complex stuff dive into rhinoscript. I made plenty of own commands that way some of them only for certain project to push my work speed to the limits.

Some of usefull stuff was ommited in rhino not sure why but maybe my way of working is different then it should be. Sth like SetX, SetY, SetZ should be as default - of course XYZ works gr8 but sometimes in modeling flow dealing with lots of dialogs is annoying.

Be happy and make use of them:
! _-SetPt _Pause X=Yes Y=No Z=No A=World
! _-SetPt _Pause Y=Yes X=No Z=No A=World
! _-SetPt _Pause Z=Yes Y=No X=No A=World

Oh i forgot - make aliases for them in Options -> Aliases