Command Events - C#

Hi everyone,

I have quick question that I couldn’t find answer. In my plugin, I create some geometries as plugin object, but I want to update them with some Scale1D, Scale2D etc. commands. What kind of event structure should I use? According to my research, there is no any command-specific events, right?

Thanks in advance,

Check this and make use of its events for eg. e.CommandEnglishName property :wink:


It’s became clear now, thanks for your answer. I will try it ASAP and let you know by giving Solution :slight_smile:

Hi @D-W,

I tried your suggestion, yes I can catch event with;

private void Command_EndCommand(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)
        if(e.CommandEnglishName == "Scale1D")
            e. // I can't reach new scale value with their axes

but, how can I possibly reach new values like selected value, changing value and direction of scale?
Do you have an idea?


Thats probably not possible - for keyboard input you would have to track the keys and parse it somehow but in case of mouse input that would be rather hard to track these changes in reliable way.

Maybe @dale know if such operation is possible. Though i don’t understand why you cant use some of custom geometry classes derive those and go on top of those for your purpouse.