Command dialogue: cannot enter polar coordinates


When using the command options dialogue, polar coordinates cannot be entered for the move command, when I try to type the angle"<", the dialogue will skip the character.

  1. Try to move something (e.g. a point from the origin), enter “Move” and select the point.
  2. Enter the polar coordinates, e.g. 5<45 –> the dialogue will display “545”.

I’ve tested both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 WIP, none of them work for me.


Works for me (Rhino 5.4.2):


Further inspection:

If I click inside the “Value” field or hover my mouse over the command dialogue, then I can type “<” into it. I would expect it to work without either of them, hence my confusion.

With me it works from any position.

Thanks for the input!
I’m still not sure why it’s not working for me.:confused: