"Command" command messing up parameters

I have a script that calls Sweep1, and was wondering why it was running slow and taking up a ton of memory, and it turns out the culprit was that in the call to Rhino.Command I set a number of parameters, including saying to rebuild with 12 control points.

The string would be something like “”-Sweep1 Enter Style=Freeform Simplify=Rebuild RebuildCount=12 RefitRail=Yes Enter""

For some reason Rhino was interpreting “RebuildCount=12” as “biggest number it can hold” and creating ridiculously dense surfaces. Removing the options settings from the command text fixed it. Any theory on what could possibly have caused that?

Hi Jim,

Is this the exact script? Can I see the geometry you were running the script on?


– Dale

Hi Dale, that is the exact script, varying “RebuildCount.” I’ll see sometime about getting you some geometry but we’re talking about sweeping, relatively speaking, long skinny things with quite a few sections.

Here’s a file with a sample of curves that showed the problem. There are numerous sets like this to sweep in a rather large script, but there’s nothing fancy going on trouble curves.3dm (167.8 KB) constructing the command string, it’s just as described. Last time I ran this the first set swept okay then with this one the rebuildcount had been changed to something haywire. I could quite likely order these properly to pass to the sweep script method, but was hoping to avoid that extra step.