Command autocomplete not working (5A805w)

The command auto-complete function is not working with version 5A805w on an iMac (10.10.3).

fully entered commands work properly, as custom aliases do.

seeing this here as well.

ouch. same here
rolling back to 794 this week :wink:

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My auto-complete is still working but it is significantly slower. (I use rhino in german but only work with englisch commands like _copy)


sure, I forgot to say that.

Though german, I always work with englis©h commands due to logical-ness. :smiley:

just found out that shortcuts like [cmd] + [c] do not work anymore. The command _copytoclipboard has to be used.

Not only that, when I enter a command correctly it often appends whatever I entered as a parameter to the last command I completed successfully via a button, I.e. If the last command was move for example, and I enter dived, it will try to run move with divide appended as the last parameter.

Rolling back to last weeks build…

Is everyone seeing the autocomplete delay on 10.10.3? I’m not seeing a difference with the speed of autocomplete compared to the last build but I’m still on 10.10.2

Ouch. I’m not seeing this in 5A805w running on 10.10.3.

I reverted back to 794a after 15 minutes and no autocomplete on command line.

Are you getting autocomplete? I use mine as a floating panel, not in tools panel to left. But still back in 5A794a

I’m on 10.10.2

same preference as randy with the popup command search as opposed to the commands in the left side bar.

no suggested search list with the latest build. ie- if I type ‘circ’, that’s all I see and no drop down with suggestions… I have to type the full name ‘circle’ to call the command.

New build 5A808w fixes the autocomplete issues.


Must be a Yosemite thing. I have 805w on OSX 10.9.5 and autocomplete is working just fine :smiley:


ths sn´t tre. ddn´t tp to fst.


Works fine now in 5A808w on OS X 10.10.3.

Yup. Problem solved. Thanks for the fast turnaround on the build, btw.

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