Command: _CreateUVCrv

Hi all. :blush:

In the helpfile about Command: _CreateUVCrv|Alphabetical|C|_____66

CreateUV_Knead_1st.3dm (67.4 KB)

Note: The control polygon determines the sizes of the uv curves.
Do you know what’s the meaning of this? :cold_sweat:

In the attached file:
Command: _CreateUVCrv and then Command: _Length
U line length = 26.2393
V line length = 22.096

Why is this U line length = 26.2393 and V line length = 22.096? :cold_sweat:


Command: _ExtractControlPolygon and then Command: _Length

However the length of control poygon did not same with length of UV line.
What is the reason? :cold_sweat:

Hi Knead - I believe the phrase

Simply means that the overall rectangle that is unrolled will be determined by the underlying surface and not the trimmed face. Does that clarify things?


Unroll? But, It is not developable because it is doubly curved.

Hmm, Sorry but i can not understand it. :disappointed_relieved:
Would you please attach the example 3dm file?

CreateUVCrv_UnderlyingSrf.3dm (72.2 KB)

Does that file help?


In the CreateUVCrv_UnderlyingSrf.3dm:

The overall rectangle UV curves:
U Length = 262.213 millimeters
V Length = 206.779 millimeters

Are these UV length (Maximum or Minimum) of the underlying surface edges or isocurves?

I want to know how to the calculation of UV length manually from the surface.

These are the surface edge lengths in parameter space - the 3d edge curves may well be and usually are, different. You can untrim the surface and measure the edges to check. As far as I know there is no reliable way to know the dimensions of the UV curves from the surface.


Thank you Pascal :heart_eyes: