Combining ortogonal and organic shapes in a landscape

Hi, I have this pretty large site model for a project I am working on in school. I need to punch a hole in the landscape, which I have done using boolean difference. Now I want to to keep on edit this surface in different ways. To the left (see picture) I want the landscape to land on the flat surface in an organic way. To the right I want to make a ramp. I don’t really know how to do this the right way. When I used boolean difference I couldn’t turn on the control points anymore. I don’t know how to do this in an efficient way. I am worried I gonna screw up my landscape for good. Any suggestions? Would really appreciate some help here. Pretty stressed out.

question.3dm (7.0 MB)

Hello, I think it’s because you search the solution with solid tools and not with surface tools.

Create an outline surface then split your landscape:


create loft surface and extends it


split it and fill holes


And merge


the second surface is very similar but I let you find how.

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Thank you soo much for the reply. I don’t really understand the outline surface. Do you mean that you split the surface vertically or horizontally? Can’t really tell from the pictures.

you removed the boolean difference hole right?

no i have started (first image) with your file.

the first step consist to make a temporary outline surfaces useful for split commands.

An yes this outline surfaces is extruded verticaly.

I am very greatful for all the help. There are still a few thing I can’t understad.
1 when I join back the surfaces as you did I get a seam (edge) between the slope and flat surface.
2 I can’t see my control points any more for the whole surface. What if I want to have the possibility to edit the surface with control points? Workaround?

3 I created the second slope using a quarter circle, extruding the sides and following your steps. I am not sure if that is the clean way to do it. I still get a seam.

very thankful for all the help

I quess the big question is how am I going to be able to edit the whole surface after all the edits?

Several surfaces joined together result in a polysurface. Control points are only available for individual surfaces, not polysurfaces. You can use ExtractSrf to extract a single surface from a polysurface so that you can edit it. Alternately you can Explode a polysurface back to the individual surfaces. MatchSrf can be used to match untrimmed edges of surfaces.

Hi, I have tried to fix this for ages. How do I manage to extend over the hole field. Can’t get anything to line up. Would really need some help here.

helprhino.3dm (6.1 MB)