Combining Data


I am trying to do loft like the drawing below. I scaled lines between them but I don’t know how to insert(or combining together?) the scaled list to the original order within a tree so that loft works like my drawing. (19.2 KB) (12.0 KB)
Please let me know Thanks

Something like this? (14.1 KB)

As an experiment I used a somewhat simpler approach with this result:

Mine is on the right. It uses constant diameter pipes and the dreaded SDiff function, and it adds thickness (but no solid bottom) so a 3D print would be reasonably stable. As usual, HS_Kim’s solution is more elegant because his variable diameter grooves look better and he avoids using SDIFF. But it was a fun exercise nevertheless. (37.6 KB)

Yes thanks!

I like your definition too. Thank you for the detail!